Saturday, February 25, 2012

Some Mistakes End Well

Since my fall on Wednesday I am recovering amazingly well. I feel like I've hit some kind of a jackpot when it comes to getting away easy. I did lose a day and a half at work and am still sore and can't spend too much time in front of the computer or doing much else but the swellings are mostly gone and I am less sore. On Thursday and Friday I was roaming around the apartment and didn't know what to do with myself since I couldn't sit, lie or stand for any length of time.

The only positive thing is that with my whiplash injury, of the things I can do (which aren't many), I can -and it's actually good for me- for a walk with Bella.

Today I am doing a little better and had more stamina. I took Bella and the family just outisde the city where we could fool around a bit. Amazingly enough, it was rather cold and snowy at that location!

Bella Ready to Go

Bella was eager to play and glad to be let loose after some time leashwalking/biking only.

Bella Caught It

I bought some cheapo squaky toy in a building shop. Bella was very happy with it.

Bella, Ready to Go

Wonky tongue and facial expression!

Bella sprinting

When I started looking at the photos, the first few previews looked pretty good but when I zoomed in I was really disappointed. I had forgotten to correct the ISO settings on the camera since shooting in a badly lit riding arena! Oh noes!
However, when I disregarded the noise level in the photos, I started realizing that the camera managed some super impressive shutter speeds. For the first time, I had managed to shoot action stills!

Bella Waiting to Go

Bella waiting on my fiancé's daughter to throw the squaky toy.

Bella Leaping

Bouncing like a stag

Bella Sprinting

Sprinting like a greyhound

Bella Strutting

Strutting like an Arabian Horse

Bella Sprinting

Sprinting some more

Where's Bella??

Whooops! Where's Bella??

Bella Sprinting

Bella really enjoyed her new toy

Bella Sprinting

She wasn't going to get caught


Pretty doggy

What was that?

Whuuut?! Oh, Bella says no more photos today 'cuz I ish shy'.

Looks like I will be fooling around some more with different ISO settings and seeing where it takes me. ISO 2500 like all of the above photos are is pretty high and gives a lot of noise close up but I need to see what effect lower ISO settings have on the shutter speed.


  1. I love the strutting picture. So funny! :P

  2. Oh Bella, you sure is a pretty gal. I am glad you enjoyed your day out bot of corse we is sorry bout mum's accident.