Monday, February 20, 2012

Beauty is Pain -For the Human at Least

After a fellow Border Terrier Zack got a new collar at the end of January through etsy, I have been obsessed. Seriously! I even considered getting a new dog just to be able to sport some of the collars I found there but my fiancé wouldn't hear of it. I don't get it!

Truth be told, sometimes it's tough owning such a scruffy looking pirate dog like Bella. Bright pink swarovski collars are, by default, eliminated. In my head, I just can't envision it. So I started looking at something a little more rugged looking.

Hmmm... perhaps a little too big and too over the top for a small terrier. So I kept at it, trying to tone it down a little but not really finding the balance between tough looking yet plain and well crafted. After endless browsing I got an idea to search for harnesses, after all I usually have Bella wearing one. On page one I saw a cute dog named Steve wearing a really badass leather harness.

Oh wow, something made out of rugged looking leather for small dogs! Even the letters make it look like such a rough cute item -just the look me and Bella are going for. I had to have it and added a bright orange collar for different occasions. I'm super excited now and can't wait for it to be shipped across the Atlantic.

The harness is from Gangs of New Yorkie if anyone wants to take a look. 

Now I better get to stripping and finish trimming Bella's nails in time!


  1. I fink that gonna look pretty on bella for sure. I ope we do be seein some pishures of it when it do arrive. Woof.

  2. Indeed there will be pictures! I just hope I didn't mess up the sizing!