Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I have been staying at home today and yesterday. That's how me and Bella roll when we're home alone:

Bella Napping

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Run

Me and Bella took the family out earlier this afternoon. Unfortunately we were late and missed most of the daylight, it starts getting dark after four.


Bella Stalking

Bella Ice Dog

Bella Ice Dog

The road (which is actually a riding path) is covered in solid ice. We tried to keep out of the road but did a short stunt on the road because the lighting was better for the camera.

Bella Ice Dog

I'm limping now after this but it was well worth it. The weather was super. Bella is also playing dead in the sofa but then again, it's nothing new!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Camera Woes - Part II

I had to buy another replacement memory card for my camera yesterday. I finally gave up searching and admitted to myself I had lost the other one I bought before ever being able to use it. I was being stubborn about giving up the search because my last memory of the card was when I decided I should insert it into the camera to not lose it... d'oh.

So I bought a new one and decided to not just think smart but act smart and now the new one is inside the camera. Yay!

I need to go out soon and snap some pictures of Bella. She's now safe to let loose in our normal area just outside the city. 3 minute drive from our home.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lazy Bones and Dog Fences

Last 2-3 weeks have been uneventful at the household. Bella has been in heat and the first several days she looked pretty much like she was dead.

Little Lazy Bones
I don't like this time of year.

My mobility has been getting worse as well so this has been an awkward time for both of us. We've been a pair of couch-potatoes.

However she's been coming into her own the past few days and it's actually helping my own spirits as well. Yesterday I took a trip to one of the new dog fences that was built about two weeks ago. It's very close to my place of work so I figured that since I only work a few hours a day I could take Bella with me and allow her to run free on our way back home. At least until she's definitely past her fertile phase and I can let her loose in our usual spots.

Now, I work in a very urban area and the city decided a dog fence was perfectly placed on a rather small patch of grass surrounded by big traffic lanes. This is what me and Bella found:

Dog Park - Reykjavik Style
A dog park - Reykjavík style!

It's not a very good photo but apart from the terrible half-muddy ground there is a pretty big gap under the fence. This was one of the smaller gaps. Bella could have left the fence pretty much everywhere along the entire length of the fence. Much larger dogs than my Border Terrier don't need an iron will to escape.
And right outside this gap in the picture is a street with rather heavy traffic on most days. There's traffic just a short distance from anywhere outside this fence.

So my terrior-in-heat didn't get to stretch her legs much inside this fence. I was really excited to see these small dog parks get built in the hopes of a dog friendlier city. This effort just fails on so many levels.

So in the meantime until I can turn Bella loose outside a fence we are working on our contraband-peppermint scent skills at home. Bella is doing well but now the handler needs more knowledge.