Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Finally Arrived... And Is Now Gone

I haven't written anything since last year. The main reason being that I was borderline depressed in January and February from being stuck to using crutches to go from one room to the other in my apartment. I don't know why Bella didn't get unhinged during all this time spent with me but she truly is an amazing individual.

However, I finally had my little girl on March 20th, 11 days ago. We're both doing well and it's a great relief that this pregnancy is finished. I've told my fiancé that from now on I'm only adding more dogs to the family.


Little one likes to sleep which is a blessing. Now the enormous task of recovering awaits me but I am thankful to have Bella's lone eye to help me keep mine on the prize.


It's only been a few days but already I can walk fairly normally around the apartment and get things done again. Going out for short walks takes me a few steps back but I think I need to do it anyway to eventually be able to recover.

So here's to hoping this summer will be an active one for me and Bella!