Thursday, February 23, 2012

Took a Little Tumble

I spent a little extra time in the riding arena after riding class last night to try to figure something out that's on a test we will be taking. Riding in a large circle, my horse stumbled badly and I was thrown into a somersault off of him. I can't describe in full earnest what sort of horrible thoughts went through my head when I was with my head pressed to the ground and my body weight pushing down on my neck in a strange twist as I was still falling -causing my neck to make some awful cracking noises.

I had a small shock then and there and at first I just grasped my neck with both hands and didn't dare move. Slowly I figured out that I could move all limbs and at that point I simply started crying. Out of relief, perhaps.

After waiting into the night, my X-Rays came out clean and I seem to be lucky to get away with whiplash injuries, mainly a stiff sore neck and some pain.

About my riding, I don't know. I have had recurring thoughts for some time that my passion for it is gone. Yesterday my friend who came with me to the ER was urging me to try to get back in the saddle as soon as I can. It's a well known mantra to step right back into the saddle after a fall to help get over the fear before it has time to build. I got really upset just at the thought of it and am now upset just thinking about it. Falling through my horse stumbling has been a fear of mine for several years now and I've managed it so far. Now that I've had this experience I just don't know.

Is it strange that I am also really annoyed about me not being able to work on finishing the agility jumps I've been making and painting for Bella as I had planned? At the ER I kept thinking about how I was losing valuable painting time!


  1. I'm not sure what to say other than... That would really hurt!!!

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  3. Falling off from horseback riding is very dangerous! I’m glad that you did not get into a coma or worse. The same thing happened with actor, Christopher Reeves, who played Superman in the past. Since his accident, he got paralyzed. It was tragic, and with you surviving that fall is a miracle!

    Amy Baron

  4. I can imagine how disappointing it is to hear our neck crack since it makes me think that I’m in very serious trouble and I could be very well be at the end of my life. A year has passed after this incident and I hope you’re already doing well. Are you still practicing horseback riding? I hope you are and you better take lots of safety precautions. In case that you need legal help in your injuries, you have to consult your trusted professionals to make the process easier and less stressful. :)