Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday is Funday!

Me and Bella were with full responsibility over baby Magnus this week as my fiancé went to Norway. I had made all sorts of plans to bike and go for walks after work with Bella and Magnus. On Monday I had to leave work early because Magnus was sick. He was still sick the day my fiancé came home which meant that after work I was stuck inside with Bella for a week. Noooo!

Today we woke up early and went for a walk to feed the horses, feeling like prisoners that had just been let out of jail. After we got home we were still frisky and decided to go out for a leash-less run. The weather was gorgeous!

Bella was really happy to finally get to stretch her legs properly and used the opportunity to run.

Bella Running

Then there was a ball thrown into play! My fiancé and Bella competed for the ball. Bella was a little selfish as she loves nothing more than destroying balls.

The Race for the Ball

Running running running!

Bella on the Run

Bella had a "Pointer" moment. I can't stop admiring how athletic and sturdy she looks.

Bella's Pointer Moment

Bella is not keen to share her balls but took one to Magnus and dropped it right in front it him. I'm amazed at how good friends they've become. Bella is super nice to him and he is really kind to her.

Magnus and Bella

And then there was more running! This time in black and white.

Bella running

All of the sudden Bella started marching like a dog soldier.

Bella Marching

She even tried a paw at walking! Happy to be out in the sun, are we?

Bella Walks!

Back to normal and very pleased!

Waiting for the Action

I feel re-energized now!