Monday, February 20, 2012

Looking Ahead

I was a little upset last night after agility and feeling disheartened. Today I put my thinking hat back on and after reading something I realised I'm not the only one who has experienced this kind of behaviour. I believe I need to take a few steps back and focus on breaking the toxic mindset that the agility is creating. I believe this is more of an overstimulated dog problem rather than an obedience problem.

I am going to work on our problem from that angle for now and see if I can gather some more information on strategies to break the habit.

Today was fun though, I went into Ikea after work and bought some storage shelves -to create jumps! I am not fully finished yet but so far I really like them. I bought enough for 2 jumps but I may get more pieces and go up to 4 jumps.

Homemade Agility Jump

With the snow gone me and Bella should be able to have a little fun out in our yard! I now have jumps and a weave. I also have a cheapo Ikea tunnel but it's rather lightweight and sometimes spooks my small hearted Bella.

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  1. That's so cool! Dusty's not old enough to do jumps yet, but I can't wait until he is!