Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just Checking In

Me and Bella just wanted to check in.

Bella Enjoying Life

We're currently enjoying our Easter Holiays. Big smiles all over!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bella's Tough Life

Some days are perfect to stay snuggled up in the sofa. Bella knows that sport well.

Bella, tough day

There was some commotion that required Bella's watchful eye. Yawn.

Bella, tough day

Of course, the truth is that Bella was having a nice lie in after a bike ride in the morning and later in the day, a walk with baby. We were to feed the horses this morning and the whole family went biking to do the job. On the way back the weather was so nice that we extended the bike ride by quite a bit.

Unfortunately when I shot these photos I forgot to remove the harness or collar. I have three different leashes and two harnesses in use now and exchange frequently! Although Bella doesn't look much like a runway model, I normally try to avoid such fashion disasters as the second photo. ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Spring Please!

I feel that I have had the worst luck this winter. Last week my son got pneumonia and when he got better I started coughing out some intestines. Well, turns out I also got penumonia. Noooo!

However the weather was too good today so I put on a lot of warm clothes and me and the family went out biking. After watching over me being sick she was grateful to get to go out for a run! Below is a photo I took of her after 2.66 km. She was panting something awful but 5 minutes later I think she was ready to go again.


After I was diagnosed with pneumonia I decided that enough is enough. I'm going to stop this nonsense with eating badly and head back to where I was 2 or so years ago. Exercising properly and eating well. It does help that my physiotherapist has worked wonders on me! I'm almost as good as before I fell off my horse. I've already been eating well this week and I feel so energized.

Oh and hopefully the last snow is leaving the ground now! I can't wait to bike more and go hiking somewhere.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Speaking of Agility

Before my riding injury over two weeks ago I had started creating home made agility jumps. I meant to paint them but with my neck injury it was not possible so I put them on hold. Now, however, my physiotherapist is working miracles so I decided to continue with the project. Bella is soon due to go into heat so it'll be good to have those jumps ready by then.

Agility Jumps

I am in love with the colour combination! I just hope I'll be able to put them to good use. I was doing round one with the yellow this evening. There are some blue spots (now turned green) that I am hoping to be able to hide with a few rounds...

Crufts Agility

There is a lot of commotion about Crufts this year and the breeds who are failing their vet checks. I do have my opinions on it but after thinking about it, I prefer to keep them away from mine and Bella's blog.

However, I watched the Agility final via youtube and enjoyed it! It's amazing how little it takes to go from a superb run to getting disqualified, even at top level! I am also impressed by watching the handlers, things are happening so fast that I am often amazed by how fast and smooth the communication goes. It's food for thought for me and Bella!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bella's Parcel

After receiving a notification about a parcel waiting, I went on my lunch break to pick it up.


Bella didn't care much for it so I got paranoid and called in the special forces to make sure it wasn't an explosion or anthrax. There was some prodding and poking. Serious business!


With some special techniques the parcel was opened up safely and inspected.


An hour later we received the verdict: Not dangerous.

Magnus with Parcel

Oh! It's Bella's new collar and harness!


Bella agreed to model for me. Look at that long neck, could we fake it as a Whippet?


Can we now go out for a walk?


Then there's the harness, it's pretty much exactly what I was looking for! Wearing it, Bella could pass for a streetwise member of a motorcycle gang.




Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bella Has Mail!

Yessum, the Mailman sent me and Bella mail!

Bella's Mail

Bella thought my attempt at making her pose with her mail meant she was OK'd to eat it. Noooo Bella! Stop being such a terrior!

Bella Tries to Eat Mail

I just barely saved Bella's mail from her and we're going to pick our mail up from the custom's office tomorrow and see what we'll find. I love getting mail that says I have mail!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday is Funday!

Me and Bella were with full responsibility over baby Magnus this week as my fiancé went to Norway. I had made all sorts of plans to bike and go for walks after work with Bella and Magnus. On Monday I had to leave work early because Magnus was sick. He was still sick the day my fiancé came home which meant that after work I was stuck inside with Bella for a week. Noooo!

Today we woke up early and went for a walk to feed the horses, feeling like prisoners that had just been let out of jail. After we got home we were still frisky and decided to go out for a leash-less run. The weather was gorgeous!

Bella was really happy to finally get to stretch her legs properly and used the opportunity to run.

Bella Running

Then there was a ball thrown into play! My fiancé and Bella competed for the ball. Bella was a little selfish as she loves nothing more than destroying balls.

The Race for the Ball

Running running running!

Bella on the Run

Bella had a "Pointer" moment. I can't stop admiring how athletic and sturdy she looks.

Bella's Pointer Moment

Bella is not keen to share her balls but took one to Magnus and dropped it right in front it him. I'm amazed at how good friends they've become. Bella is super nice to him and he is really kind to her.

Magnus and Bella

And then there was more running! This time in black and white.

Bella running

All of the sudden Bella started marching like a dog soldier.

Bella Marching

She even tried a paw at walking! Happy to be out in the sun, are we?

Bella Walks!

Back to normal and very pleased!

Waiting for the Action

I feel re-energized now!