Sunday, July 31, 2011

Of The One-Eyed Terrier

With her harness on, Bella does a good job of pulling the baby stroller. Once she's had enough, she becomes the perfect dog, walking calmly beside me. 

Afterwards, at home, she's even better. A tired terrier is a good terrier!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

From Worse to Good

In May I mentioned my pelvic pain being worse than I expected. I was feeling rather depressed but went to see my physiotherapist to discuss this with her. As soon as I met her she was nothing but positive and told me this was nothing to worry about. In short, the front ligaments of my hips had shortened during my post-pregnancy recovery. Apparantly it's not so uncommon as new mothers sit a lot with their newborns. The pain I was experiencing wasn't true pelvic pain and with a few appointments and some at-home exercises I'm doing much much better. I'm not perfect but I can now officially go for fairly long walks.

The next step is joining a gym and getting some work done to build up the muscles that wasted away during the time I couldn't exercise. I'm back to being an optimist and am well below my pre-pregnancy weight. Here's a picture taken of me and Magnus yesterday when he turned 6 months old.

With Bella, I missed out on a Rally Obedience course I've been waiting to participate in for a few months now. Autumn is soon here and then I plan to do an Agility course. I think I'll also aim for the Rally Obedience in the autumn if offered.

My maternity leave is now over and I'm now using my summer holidays until September which is when I start work again. Can't believe there's so little left! A ton has happened since I was forced to quit in late November last year. That's 8 months already! Phew. It'll be fun to meet my work colleagues.

Routine Work

I enjoy having a dog that is low maintenance. Stripping is a 2-3 times per year affair and today it was time.

The last pic has the war wounds from last night. That was nail clipping time. I've tried several approaches and nothing seems to work well. I've just resigned myself to the fact that it's never going to be easy.