Friday, April 26, 2013

I to the L

Tomorrow is election day in Iceland. Me and Bella used the opportunity to train tracking.

Bella at Home

I went ahead and started training turns today by doing three short L shaped tracks, all with a turn to the right. I took a photo of the last one we did. The cone closest is the start and the one above it is the end.

Cam Photos

The first two Bella aced, this one was interesting as Bella took the turn, went 2 meters and then suddenly made a 180° turn back until she lost the track, turned back and found it again and finished.

This is before she started that final track, eagerly waiting for my arrival.
Cam Photos

Looking at how yellow and dull the grass in these pictures is makes me yearn for real spring and summer.


  1. Summer is comin my pals....we haz warm wevver in da UK so its on its way Norf....

  2. I hope so! It's snowing today! In May! Argh! ;)