Thursday, May 16, 2013

Starting Again

I have been a bit lazy with the camera in the past few days. The days fly by so quickly that I never get to do everything that I want to do.

Bella in the Sofa

I did attempt to sign me and Bella on a 10 week course in Obedience this summer but it was full. Maybe a spot will open up, maybe not. It doesn't look like there will be a tracking course for us either.

More excitingly, my physiotherapist assured me I would be biking this summer and encouraged me to give it a go whenever I felt I was up to it. So I went on a 2 minute ride on Monday with no bad results. So today I went ahead and took Bella with me on a short 5 minute jog.

Bella Biking

She looks very calm and stoic in these two pictures but in fact she was running back and forth whining because she was so excited to go.

Bella Biking

As expected she still pulls like a freight train. I need to put effort into breaking that habit if I am to allow her to bike with me this summer. What's more exciting is that now I finally have a car that can haul bikes which means I can also find biking spots where she can be off leash. I've dreamt about that for several years now.

What a fantastic summer this will be!


  1. Can't wait to see the photos over summer. Biking with dogs is awesome. I guess if she pulls as long as she is tied onto the back fork then she shouldn't shift your Balance too bad, but yeah these little dogs pack a bit of punch - Magoo would pull more than her own share in a sled team of huskies. Bodie would lay down and complain. I'll post shortly on my new hands free dog lead which might be good for some of your pursuits, maybe not the biking bit though.

  2. Good luck wiv gettin back on da saddle this year my pal. Clapton been bikin this weekend if you get chance to stop by da blog...

  3. By using the trailer I don't feel her pulling as much but the problem is that she tears her pads up until she's bleeding something awful. She also tore boots I bought for her to shreds. That's what worries me so for now I go slow and try to keep her running on grass.