Saturday, April 20, 2013

Must Keep At It

It's the weekend and the snow returned. I used it as an excuse to not go out yesterday but today the weather looked too beautiful to miss. I had also recovered from the rather bad decision to go ahead with the track I laid on Thursday rather than create a new one.


Yep, I laid a track on Thursday for Bella and went to a spot that is rather close to a popular spot for people to let their dogs loose. I have visited that spot myself a lot but I chose another a little further away and didn't realize until I had started laying the track there that the area was quite dense with dog poop. If I had been thinking clearly I would have stopped while laying the track and found a better place since I wasn't planning on a long track but I went ahead and although Bella did complete the track she was really absent minded and I had to stop her from peeing on the track two times. I felt very stupid.

So today I went to a spot near a horse track. However, it's in an area that no one stops, like ever. It's too close to the highway to be exciting so I got a fresh ground to work with. I took a picture before I started, I went down there and up in the clear space between the trees, it was about 100 metres (~109 yards).

Slóðin 20. apríl

And coming back from the track I took another picture of my car. Bella is there tied to the back of it but she's barely visible. That white thing behind the rear wheel is actually her! What purpose the building serves I have no idea but it's built in the middle of nowhere by the company that provides me my energy.


This time the track started out really well, I did give her 3-4 metres of the tracking line and she was racing. It was interesting when I noticed that while I thought I was on the track and she alongside it that she was actually on the track and I was offset my about a meter. Good stuff!

Of course she then had to get lost. D'oh! It was in a patch where I had to go through a low bush and go a bit to the right and suddenly she went way to the left and then started backtracking and eventually just spinning into circles. I had to help her get back on track and she finished like a pro, so well that she was going to run away from the end spot to follow my getaway-trail and miss the jackpot at the end. So I had to stop her, woops!

I tried a new way to track the track that lets me upload to google maps. The track is awfully straight once uploaded!

Sjá Vegbrekkur Spor 9 á stærra korti

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  1. I likes to follow smells too my pal.....but I do not be stickin to any straight lines....