Saturday, October 6, 2012

That Evil Ribbon

Normally I am very respectful of the fact that my Bella is a dog who prefers not to be handled. We have a good thing going on where she doesn't mess with anyone in the home and in turn I make sure she gets to be free from harassment.

The only downside for Bella is that I sometimes can't contain myself. I sometimes pick her up just to hear that unevitable heave of sigh. I hug her just to get the exact same reaction. Yeah, Bella's not the cuddly little lapdog type. That's perfectly fine with me.

Then sometimes I take a step further. Not always intentionally. The other day was one of those days where my poor Border Terrier got more than she bargained for when me and son found a ribbon. It was an innocent enough idea putting it on. We didn't expect the huge reaction we got!

When Will This Be Over?

Going away, throwing herself down and 'yawning' - "What is this torture decvie??"

Now What?
"I've lost a piece of my soul"

Bella Waiting
Waiting and hoping

Looking Prettu
"I only look like I'm fine with this since this is my blind side."

Bella's Tough Life
"I really hate my life right now"

I Am Not Enjoying This
"I'm going to lie here in a bad mood until this horrible thing has been removed"

I removed the ribbon after taking these photos, I don't really enjoy making her get this upset unless I really need to. But her huge expressions do put a smile on my face, when it's over something as harmless as a ribbon.


  1. Ah Bella, we know you'd rather be wearing your Nike blue running shoes than a pretty ribbon. SIGH

  2. Oh Bella....wot haz they done to you? Norty familee.....