Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Camera Woes

The memory card for my camera broke and they are so ridiculously expensive in Iceland that I will rather order one from abroad.

I was rather sad as I missed a nice photo opportunity when me and Bella met two Labradors two days ago. We don't often meet other dogs as Bella can get insanely insecure but this meeting went well in gorgeous camera perfect weather.

However I had to leave after a while as the dogs were getting more and more aggressive about sniffing Bella which was clearly starting to freak her out. It confirmed my suspicion that she's due to go into heat soon. Which got me thinking if I should go ahead early next year and have her spayed. I wasn't going to even if I had decided I didn't want to breed her but not being able to let her loose for almost two months a year is a lot of time spent not playing frisbee.


  1. Oh darn, yeah we are having photo woes here, I think I have lost a whole folder of photos on the remote hard drive. SIGH

  2. Oh deer....we ope you get the new card soon my pals...we miss seein you