Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bella vs the Wobbler

So I'm pregnant again.

There, I've said it. 16 weeks finished out of 40. While I should be living a normal life wondering about things like if I'm showing or not, I have instead spent the last few weeks wallowing in self pity over not being able to go out and walk, run or bike as I'm used to. I went on a 10-15 minute walk yesterday and I was punished for it.

I have got a condition called Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction, or SPD, where the ligaments in my hips get too lose and causes my hip bones to be moving too much. It causes pain. If I do too much I can start limping. Last pregnancy I was using crutches in the last two months and this time around I've already been adviced to use them at home. Ugh! I have got a maternity support belt to try to hold my hips together, I do physiotherapy twice a week and have already had to reduce my work to 50%. All this combined seems to be helping, I've stopped wallowing and am now out of the constant pain zone and am starting to enjoy life again.

This of course is not very fortunate for Bella, well except the fact I'm staying at home more. I am trying to find out how to entertain her and activate her here at home, for example by teaching her to clean up like I posted on two posts ago.

I also bought two Kong toys, a Kong Extreme and a Kong Wobbler.

The Wobbler is a food dispenser for those not familiar with it and it makes Bella jump around like a stag when I pick it up. She loves it.

 Bella vs Wobbler

Bella vs Wobbler

Bella vs The Wobbler

The only problem is that she is SO GOOD at it! It takes her maximum five minutes to empty it. I was hoping for a little more engagement! I did try sealing a part of the hole and it took her about two more minutes that way. I need to seal an even bigger part of the hole. 

Oh, and those that noticed on the second picture how long Bella's claws are, this is a work in progress. One tiny snip at a time. I drew blood last month and I'm trying to get to a point where we don't have to do this fighting one another.


  1. Sorry to be readin about your problems my pal. I ope you be doin OK as fings move along. Nice toy for Bella. I must investigate one of dem for myself...

  2. Oh wow, you guys are gonna be real busy soon, congrats. Tricks can tire Bella out more than a walk and we know you guys do those. I clicker trained Bodie & Goo to allow me to do their claws without all the drama. Take your time with it them claws aren't too bad yet, ours got to the stage of "Clan of the Cave Bear"....