Friday, April 6, 2012

Return From Frisbee Heaven

Me and Bella are baaaaack to civilization and high speed internet! We spent a week in the country where there was no tv and what was even worse, in the area we were staying dogs were strictly forbidden. Woops! Not the best thing to discover the day we arrive.

So we smuggled our good selves in and out of the house and to areas that allowed dogs. Yet another example of strange dog prejudice in Iceland, where the mentaility is that it's best to ban things just in case.

Anyway, we found a fabulous spot near a lake where we could frisbee lots and lots. Bella loves frisbeeing and she's getting really good at it. Her one eye doesn't seem to bother her frisbeeing.


She's getting very accurate in predicting the direction and taking a direct route even if the disc is going in a curved manner.




Bella always takes the frisbee back to me no matter who has treats.

Sometimes it's a bit hard running full speed with a terrier sized frisbee.


That's why a clever little dog improvises.

Sara og Bella

Much easier this way!


She's even so clever that she found a way to get a treat and still keep the frisbee claimed as hers!


A clever little terrier like Bella doesn't take long to figure out that she can steal frisbees from others to hoard and then run off like the wind!


I think this has to be one of the most awesome holidays I've been on. It did snow for one day out of seven but it didn't matter, we all had so much fun as a family. Frisbeeing was just one of the many great things we did. Bella was a really happy dog, even if she was an illegal immigrant in the area! She did a great job of being there without being there! I don't believe I've ever cleaned any place I've stayed at as well as this house. Maybe me and Bella should move to a more dog friendly country someday. I believe Iceland must rank lowest of the western countries when it comes to a friendly dog culture.

Until then, we will enjoy being able to frisbee in areas outside the city we call home.



  1. What a clever little girl! Decoration and a frisbee in one... a frisbee neclace! :D

  2. Wow, guerrilla frisbee! Well done Bella. You ave got all the moves. Woof

  3. Go Bella, you've got great brakes there, careful of yer nose!!!

  4. Bella, great job with the frisbee! I also love frisbees, especially if they squeak (I'm a dachshund, so squeaky toys are particularly attractive to me).

    I didn't know Iceland was such a dog-unfriendly place. I would never have guessed...somehow I thought the further north you go, the doggier it gets, but now you're showing me otherwise. So sad...don't they know that we make life brighter and better???

    Keep on wagging,