Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today brought more action, we went fishing, did some tracking (proving to my fiancé she can do it) and played frisbee. We also met a Vizsla that Bella thought appropriate to bark at. Bella also ran into water a little deeper than she expected.

Bella's Watersport

Unfortunately I need to be picky with photos as I'm on expensive 3G internet during my holidays and can't upload much.

I'm really enjoying the photo opportunities I've had so far. Bella still seems a little sore in one leg since one week ago, I am pretty sure she's limping a little after we go out but it's barely enough to notice. However if it persists I am going to have a vet look at it.
One thing I wonder if I should have some shoes for her in case she does get sore. I have no experience with such things though so if any of our doggy friends know something me and Bella would appreciate any advise or recommendations. Same with what's best to do if she does get sore.


  1. Herlo Bella. Oh my gooderyness dat looks lyke wun miteee fiyne splaarsh! Iz hopp youz leggie is owkay. When Iz cut ma footy iz had too weear a pink socky fur aaaages kus mummie made me. HEehee. Go to da vet tho if yoo limpies worsse. dats wot I suggist yeah xox

  2. Oh no! Water! I hate bein wet. I ope your leg be better soon my pal. Mebbe see da vet be the best fing. I love the vet.