Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Spring Please!

I feel that I have had the worst luck this winter. Last week my son got pneumonia and when he got better I started coughing out some intestines. Well, turns out I also got penumonia. Noooo!

However the weather was too good today so I put on a lot of warm clothes and me and the family went out biking. After watching over me being sick she was grateful to get to go out for a run! Below is a photo I took of her after 2.66 km. She was panting something awful but 5 minutes later I think she was ready to go again.


After I was diagnosed with pneumonia I decided that enough is enough. I'm going to stop this nonsense with eating badly and head back to where I was 2 or so years ago. Exercising properly and eating well. It does help that my physiotherapist has worked wonders on me! I'm almost as good as before I fell off my horse. I've already been eating well this week and I feel so energized.

Oh and hopefully the last snow is leaving the ground now! I can't wait to bike more and go hiking somewhere.


  1. That's like Dusty when he's gone for a big walk! Absolutely pooped for a few minutes, then suddenly he's up and tearing around the place again! Borders are just nuts!!!

  2. Yeah, Magoo has a puff when we are out for a ride but when we get home, she doesn't look like she has been anywhere. Bike ride,,, wot bike ride???