Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's been a while

I haven't written anything since mid-November. A lot has happened since and at the same time a lot didn't happen.

I had to quit working before the end of November with two months until my due date. Things went downhill quickly and I couldn't really go anywhere without enduring pain for a while after. I became a couch potato. That meant I had a lot of guilt towards my dog although I tried to go where she could run loose while I stood around like a lazy owner.

In mid-December Bella went on heat the day before her 1st birthday. She lay next to me all day long not wanting to do anything for days! When it was over... it continued. I got a little worried but as the end of my pregnancy drew nearer I started wondering if she was maybe responding to that. I was low on energy and got sick, Bella seemed to mirror that and showed little interest when we took her out. She really wasn't her usual self.

Finally, one week overdue, on the 29th of January, I gave birth to a dark haired boy. On hindsight it went well although at the time the word torture came to mind. It's true what I had heard that it's all quickly forgotten once the baby is born. The pain is now lost in some breastfeeding coma.

And now what? Well, the little one is doing well and I'm slowly getting adjusted to the new routine (what routine??). This includes walking again! That's when I starting to notice that Bella is going back to her normal self. I am inclined to think she suffered from pregnancy depression. Now she's bouncing around the house again and trying to get me to play with her. She's also bouncing again when we go out and she loves the fact I am now walking her somewhere rather than standing around like an idiot.

I've also signed us up for an agility class. We're on a waiting list but I hope to be able to go this spring. Until then I'm going to go for lots of walks and get my health back.

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