Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time flies when you're having... fun?

Of all the things I envisioned myself doing after giving birth, returning to the hospital with an abscess in my breast was at the bottom of the list.

My infection remained in some form for 7-8 weeks before it flared up in the form of a nasty abscess. I found out the hard way that the treatment for it hasn't changed much since medieval times. This was six days worth of bad experience I will never forget but thanks to skilled doctors&midwives, strong antibiotics (through IV) and anxiety medication I got through it. I don't go into details with anyone, some things are best left unsaid.

The very excellent news, however, is that I am finally getting back to normal after pregnancy and birth. My baby loves sleeping through the night like his parents and my energy is back in full force. It's wonderful!

Me and Bella have started going out with the pram and our backpack and recently we went out of town where we found a nice empty patch on a campsite to do a little frisbee work. My little terrier is amazingly good at it, always retrieving the frisbee. I however know that if she got a moment with the frisbee it would fly-no-more.

Today, to celebrate the first day of summer, we took the mountain bike and went for a short run in the neighbourhood. It feels wonderful to finally finally finally be able to take proper care of my precious little dog.

Here's to an active (& healthy) summer!

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