Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting Savvy

Things have been progressing slowly but surely. Bella is so eager to pick things up for me and I've slowly started to make her bring items from the floor at a distance and also to bring them towards me. I really like to see her think, she is learning to try her luck and doesn't shut down anymore if things don't work out the first time. She's also getting a lot better with distractions (as long as they don't go woof or miaow).

After a hard workout it's really cozy to take a nap in the sofa.

Sometimes it's even better to conquer my normal resting place.

I also figured out I could perhaps teach her to pull an IKEA bag and fill them. Lightweight and disposable in case training sessions go too far. And speaking of that, I really need to chase my socks that don't land in the laundry basket nowadays. She loves picking them up and running AWAY with them. I think she knows I rather want her to do the opposite and because I care for my socks it's an easy ticket to wake me up.

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