Monday, November 8, 2010

Iron Woman

After being diagnosed with borderline iron deficiency my energy is coming back through iron pills and viamin C to help absorb the iron! I'm also trying to lay off the dairy except for the occasional indulgence. I survived today without a nap, that's impressive in my books!

Bella is now pretty consistent with picking things up, I need to up the ante and get her to bring them to me. I've been able to throw her cow toy and she'll come racing back with it but with objects she picks up she holds them a bit and then releases before coming towards me for the reward. I actually also need to get a basket or something where I can teach her to put items into. So much to do, I barely know where to begin.

I got a little bit of comparison today as my cousin's dog is now picking her daughter's toys up for her. I was quite jealous to hear it! With a small dog, I also think I'll need to teach Bella to stand up on her hind legs to hand me items so I don't need to bend down to take them from her. With my bad back, I can definitely see that as an asset. All in good time. My cousin has several years' worth of experience in owning dogs and has been training her two bitches for search and rescue work. I'm not going to compare me and Bella to that. 

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