Friday, October 29, 2010

A Fun Friday

The amazing autumn weather continues and having today off, me and my fiancé decided to start the 'dad weekend' by taking the two pups out for a run. Bella really enjoyed playing chase with my fiancé's daughter. The tennis ball she found last time out came to good use, she barely let go of it for the first 20-25 minutes.

After about 25 minutes Bella was starting to get tired, she would run a few paces then lie down again and again. Just as we decided to call it a day a woman arrives with three Poodles, two adult males and a three month bitch puppy. Suddenly Bella wasn't tired at all anymore and ran for another 20 minutes playing with the Poodles. She's been a very happy and content dog this afternoon!

Me and the fiancé have been busy this week buying furniture and getting our apartment into shape for the winter. It's meant not enough time for training Bella but I've managed to sneak in a session or two. I've been putting off working further on lying down, I want to be able to do it standing but it's taking some time. She'll lie down consistently but relies a lot on my hand signal which isn't good enough for her unless my hand goes almost down to the ground. We're working our way up, one command at a time.

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