Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Dog School

Me and Bella had a test last week in the dog school we've been attending for the past five weeks. It is a part of an incentive for dog owners to attend lessons in dog ownership, on rules and basic training. Passing both parts of a test, written and practical, gives owners a discount of annual licence fees for the rest of the dog's life.

It wasn't a terribly difficult test. We had to demonstrate only a handful of basic skills, such as sitting and lying on command, a well mannered walk on a leash, recall and waiting.

The five week course was a lot of fun and very educational. I must confess that physically it was very difficult for me and little Bella was challenged mentally. I enjoyed meeting other dog owners and seeing different problems people faced. It was good practice for me and my dog, she's very bad socially with other dogs. She gets overexcited and wants to meet the other dogs and play but she doesn't quite know how to behave and easily gets anxious if things don't go too well. The school helped her meet dogs in a positive setting and learn to be a little less nervous and approach them more politely. I hope we can expand on that now that it's finished.

We did pass our test although I must confess we ran into trouble with the wait command towards the end of the course. I hope to do more doggie activities with Bella later, when my pregnancy is over and body back to normal. It's very rewarding for both of us and good to get taught and see how other people do with their dogs.

Until then we are going to have to get creative and amuse ourselves here at home.

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