Saturday, August 24, 2013

This and That

I'm still debating whether to create a special blog for Tosca related things or keep Bella and Tosca stuff together in this blog.

However, here's a short video from today with Tosca when we went to meet two dogs owned by my cousin. The smaller is a daughter of two narcotics dogs (police dogs) and the older (furrier) has been SAR trained. I did mention them when I first really got interested in doing nosework with Bella as I got demonstration from both (tracking and SAR).

I probably would SAR train both Tosca and Bella if I would be willing to go through the general newbie SAR training. You can't really train for SAR in Iceland unless you intend to be on active duty. Tosca's grandmother passed her A-level test but we found out she run off a cliff and died in the fall. Tosca's brother is supposed to go into SAR.
Actually, I would like to train dogs for tracking/trailing, nosework and SAR if I had three different dogs. Does it show that I like scentwork?

But when it comes to Bella, after the surgery she became really snappy with Tosca. I have been devastated and trying to keep them separated to not have things escalate but suddenly this afternoon, Bella went right up to Tosca with wagging tail and wanted to play. There's a huge burden off my shoulder, now I know this will work even if it may take time for Bella to be at peace with that hyperactive puppy.

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  1. Is good to see our new fur-pal playin an wotnot....iz good to kno that the familee all be appy togevver agane too.....