Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I had a vet look at Bella's molar this morning and it was very clear cut, it has to come out. It's in two individual pieces, it's cloven from bottom and right through the root. I have known the entire weekend that it would come to this but when the vet told me I started feeling anxious and trying to imagine that I didn't need to put Bella through this. Which of course is just not true.

The vet was ready to do the surgery today but after discussing spaying with her we decided to do both operations tomorrow so she wouldn't have to go through anesthesia twice. I can't stop thinking if I'm being unfair on Bella making her go through these two operations at once. I want what's best for her but sometimes it's hard to know what's best.

Tosca 8 weeks

Bella did get antibiotics today and has been gung-ho all day but when playing with Tosca earlier this evening I think something started hurting and she went from wanting to play to running away from Tosca with her tail between her legs so I split them up. I'm really glad the tooth will be extracted first thing tomorrow morning, it's an infection waiting to happen.

I'm actually quite stressed! 

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  1. Yoo is doin the right fing my pal....good luck Bella....we shall ave da paws crossed for you...