Monday, June 4, 2012

Reykjavík Fashion

Me and Bella have never been afraid to stand out of the crowd, first with our backpack and as of today we have biking shoes.

Bella's New Shoes

Sporty for sure and they even match our bike trailer! Bella was dancing to begin with and launched herself forward over any obstacles at home like a steeplechaser.

Bella Biking

Once outside, she made sure to look lika an old pro, the envy of other dogs. We even overheard one woman tell her son how nice shoes "the dog" is wearing. Of course blue isn't Bella's colour (which even my fiancé pointed out) but with the trailer as the main accessories, she rocks the colour anyway.

Bella Relaxing

Once we got home we had to admit that we were a little tired, especially Bella, after biking to baby Magnus's daycare and back home. It has also been really super hot this past week and the owner is overdue on stripping the overcoat to sport a summier look.

Bella Practicing

Yay! Backyard agility with homemade equipment!

Bella wasn't really feeling the agility vibe after our biking but once I had completed a pair of jumps she decided to show that annoyingly silent and overly obedient border collie who was watching from above how we rock agility as well. Nevermind the owner's crouching position, I was being overly leading into the jump. It's a terrible habit! In my defence I have never let her loose in our backyard before and Bella was rather lazy so I had to lead her to almost all the way up to the jump before letting go.

Now our backyard arsenal consists of weave poles, a tunnel and four jumps. This is so much less distracting than going to agility class, I love agility but the stress level it puts Bella at is so enormous that neither of us truly enjoys going... yet.


  1. OOoh ma gooderyness, I haz nutt seen yoo fur evir bella!!! Eetz troo! yooo look so darned cyoot in those littel booties, evin tho theyy arr bluue! YEAH! love n likkers, posiedorg xoxx

  2. Cool Booties!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Keep showing off Bella! We think you look good in blue...

    -Erik, Amanda, and Bosley

  4. Nice boots Bella. Good jumpin too. You is makin me feel sleepy just wotchin it. zzzzz

  5. Nice shoes!
    And are you sure that's a jump? It looks like you were flying there!

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  7. atcoma....
    Hi, I discovered your Blog on lifewithmydogs!! Bella is adorable!! Just adorable!! I love the fact, that, while Bella is missing one eye, she still enjoys life!! What an example. ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!