Monday, November 21, 2011

Back from Berlin

I went to Berlin for a long weekend on 11th November, only to miss my flight and me and my fiancé ended up staying there for a whole week.

Things have been hectic since then, a sick baby waiting and getting our bikes winter-ready. Oh, and Bella now refuses to eat her food. She's pretty much been starving herself since last Friday except for the bites she snatches off of the floor when baby Magnus drops them. I do feel like a mean person for not giving in but we once went the route of giving in when she tried the same and suddenly my dog was the biggest prima donna in the household, she refused or ate food purely based on her mood every day. This is food I used to be able to use as treats and am trying to finish as we are changing to another brand.

I admit I often sneak her tastier treats but we had a good rule going on, no treats unless she had eaten her dog food. It worked for the past year but the week away wrecked our nice agreement.

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