Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Countryside

I returned to the summer cabin at the start of May with my family and Bella. Summer is dragging it's feet but we did catch seven good days out there.

My pelvic pain is getting worse when I thought it was supposed to be getting better. So me and Bella didn't get around to walking or frisbee-ing too much. We did enjoy a cool wading session one afternoon. It was perfect.

On the weekend we stayed there my parents came to visit along with my little cousin, Sindri. He's got ADHD and is somewhere on the autism spectrum. He and Bella have a somewhat strange friendship, she loves playing with him but he is very impulsive and it occasionally scares her. So my promise to her is to always watch over their playing and stop it if he's crossing boundaries with her.

Now that we're back in Reykjavík my fiancé has left for a month to study in Denmark. Me and Bella are taking care of little Magnus together. With my luck this year, we took a walk on our first day alone and I've been off since then. It was a good walk though, we walked past one barking dog and when past it we walked right into another one who was growling at Bella. My insecure dog didn't make a single noise, just walked right ahead. Bravo!

Today I will be going to see my physiotherapist and see if she can do something for me. I haven't gone since before I gave birth so here's to hoping she can give me some guidance about how I can overcome this.

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